Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Learn Japanese In Your Recliner, Eating 'Tater Chips!

"Chu Chu Rocketto, nezumi wo tasukerou"
Mice Mice Rocket, let's help the mice/rats
"Chu Chu Rocketto, Neko wa kowai!"
Mice Mice Rocket, the cat is scary!
"Chu Chu Rocketto, rocketto sugoi!"
Mice Mice Rocketto, the rocket is superb!
Onomatopoeia for rocket blasting off.

Thanks for the question, Sleepy G! Glad to enlighten.

Hanyway, I'd make a real, concrete post, but new LOST IS ON IN THIRTEEN MINUTES, BITCHES! WOOOOOO! *whips shirt off and flails it over head* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


I'm exuberant!

Oh, since I like the idea of teaching random samplings of foreign languages, how's about some Daily Vocabularies? Ready? OK!

JP:: Hidzukehenkousen (Hee'dzoo'kay'hen'ko-'sen): International Date Line
CH:: Nei4 Ku4 (Nay[said with a falling intonation] Koo[said with a falling intonation])


Blogger kimberlina said...

i like to eat chu! YEAA!
crunchy bits, mmm.

i like that you know and use the word 'onomatopoeia.'

and that your cat salivates on your head. my cats like to show us the brown eye at night. the pink starfruit. they are stinky.

8:44 PM  

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