Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm Naked Cosby I Lights Things On Fire!

'Cuz I like to respond in an easy-to-find way, I reply to comments with subsequent posts. It's how I roll.

Kimby: Perhaps they do think so, but I don't believe I'll ever appreciate that mentality. I have resigned myself (and they should resign themselves) to me disgustedly shoving they's butts out mah FACE.

Tolbs: Hey, man, you ain't told me 'bout no blahgs biatch! And what's this netfirms bidness? Never heard nunna dat. Seriously, though, that'd be cool, but I gotta figure out how to get the whole spiel downloaded or something because the Acrylic PC is still power sourceless. I should probably have asked for one of those for my birthday... shit. Thanks for the offer, though. I'll try to get on the chatty thing tonight; we can discuss Christmas Up North.

SG: Whaddya think? He could be your class's pet or mascot or Generally Pesky And Oftentimes Lost Rodent. Blame Jeffy, in the back, the little shit.

Mankey: Long time no see, my Simian Sir! How's the Pooping Business? Fruitful as ever, I should hope. And the Boy? All's well, hmmm? Keep it stankey, mankey!

Sleepy G: Paintings are teh rock. I wonder if you can find it, too, 'cuz I wants to sees it! If you can't find it, just paint another! Or make it an ornament! I can see it now... first Pipi: The Ornament, then Pipi: The Breakfast Cereal and finally Pipi: The Tactical Nuclear Missile! It'll be glorious.

In other news, fuggin' school. Ya know? Fuggin'... shit and cockasses. They tell me, they say, "We want money," or something and I jus' wanna beat 'em. Beat 'em down. 'Cuz they don' know... they don't. Not. Not fuck about shit, those bastards. I oughta go down here and give 'em what for... for... for what? What was I sayin'? The shit... I gotta piss. Hol' on, I be righ' back... Fuggin'...It's those lousy termites, they're takin' all the jobs, er... the wood jobs... or jus' the wood, I dunno... it's fuck. Just fuck and shit. Gary Cooper.



Blogger Monkey said...

Fuggin Beaubi. I needed an English to... something... dictionary.

The poop business is booming.

1:42 PM  
Blogger tolbs said...

oh mang, did i mention? I ordered me a new pc?


By the way, Neverwinter Nights 2 comes out Oct 29. It's basically in the same vein as diablo but follows the D&D ruleset...also you can run a persistent dedicated server like it's a mini mmorpg..I know you probably don't have time, but you gonnsa have to see it sometime.

Guess i'll stop sucks not to have you on aim per diem.

8:48 PM  
Blogger tolbs said...

btw is that a chick or a boy? it's so freaking hard to tell sometimes

9:12 PM  

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