Thursday, September 28, 2006

By Changing Language, Exemplify!

What follows is an essay which was originally written (by me) in Japanese. Babelfish's transpofornication software was used to severely fuck it into Ingelish. Enjoy.

Very much there is an admission examination in Japan. Because of that, with utmost effort not to study either high school admission examination, because there was no て, at the time of the Japanese university it is not difficult excessively in comparison with the American university. We do not like that system in me. It is in the high school student and the っ does Japan and the ょ け is the め being studied to say, but when being high school, when being pleasant, it should, is. Japan and America are hard school problem, but as for the Japanese system just a little you try as for probably not to be strange. "Because of university admission examination don't you think? it is good to change the color of the eye? "With it is said, but the student will study just admission examination normal class thing tries probably not to learn positively. Record writes and at the time of admission examination, positively we have done, but, after that it does and it is tend to go to bed in the ず. For example, that "it entered into three terms, it is it is, it became the scene. "With it was written. That umbrella it does, but it is the student. Perhaps the result, whether contents are learned truly, it is difficult to appraise. If as for my experience, study you know with just test, after the class information cannot be remembered excessively. Perhaps admission examination it passes, it gives the record which is good to the university. On the one hand, test it becomes skillful the contrast of the school, is not. As for the student there is no reason which is not learned at all, but when in admission examination preparing too much the assignment and lecture the ぐ it is to be, it probably is not to be understood. It is problem truly. The person who is felt the thought "in order as for high school to prepare the university, of calling to America thing" is many. If just the admission examination which enters into the university does not study and cannot go the て, there is no capability, high school has the purpose like opposite. But, when class becomes easy, does life probably become happy?

Isn't learning fun?


Blogger kimberlina said...

With it was written. That umbrella it does, but it is the student.

i think i have hit nirvana.

assuming that nivana is the same as drooling with a blank stare.

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