Sunday, November 05, 2006

FYI: Nintendo Wii Launch Count @ Target Stores


FYI (Launch Count in Bold):

T-1484 Lakeville Target Store (952)892-5400 18275 Kenrick Ave Lakeville MN 55044 100 191 102

T-1351 Rochester Target Store (507)536-2555 3827 Marketplace Dr NW Rochester MN 55901 100 191 111

T-1096 Winona Target Store (507)452-7006 860 Mankato Ave Winona MN 55987 100 191 111

T-0056 Burnsville Target Store (952)435-8611 810 County Road 42 W Burnsville MN 55337 100 191 102

T-0643 Apple Valley Target Store (952)891-5500 15150 Cedar Ave Apple Valley MN 55124 100 191 102

Looks like all you have to do is freeze yourself now.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Your Network Kills Babies!

Ok, not exactly, but this article: here says a phone might cause men to have poorer sperm qualities.


Among other things, the researchers have said:

"I've seen men on trains spending two or three hours continually texting with their mobile phones held in their laps," he said. "We advise people to send a text with their arm outstretched next to the window when travelling on a train."

Now THAT would be an interesting development. Picture the millions upon millions of people using that inane texting feature, walking around like zombies, arms outstretched.

Actually, the zombie motif might apply to those morons.

Anyway, the whole thing is ridiculous if you ask me. Who has the phone up against his crotch four hours a day? Sounds more like something a woman might do with "vibrate ringer" on. NUDGE!

Yeah, I'm a dirty boy. Sue me.

Buy U.S. Savings Bonds.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And Your Little Dog, Too

Damn you and your job-y richness, Tolbs. Damn you to Hell. Twice.

And consider yourself envied.

Also, I think it's a girl. The hair, for one thing (most schools require short hair for boys) and it's a bit hippy.

Anyway, here's my Shit List for today, even though it has only one item upon't:
Romance In Islam.

Fucking Indians. They always run the strictest-ass, most obtuse classes. This guy (Bali) comes in as a pre-doctoral prof and proceeds to instruct us just like he was at the University of Chicago which means, apparently, that we are expected to know Farsi, Urdu, Arabic, Hindu, and be able to discuss at length such writers as Khant, Marx, and lesser-known intellectuals as Benjamin. (Said Ben'yuh'mean) He finally realizes, after we continually express that we have no idea what he's talking about, that he is not explaining/teaching things that we are equipped to understand. So what does he do?

Assigns the bulk of the core curriculum of the U of C's literary analysis readings to us.


Realize that I am not bitching about the extra work. Hell, I've always half-felt like reading Marx, I just never had enough drive or interest to sit down and do it. But this is NO way to run a class. I was talking to the class' pre-eminent Chemical Engineering student (seriously, no two of us have the same major/interests) and she, too, dislikes his teaching style, citing random tangents, relatively meaningless historical background (or at least he doesn't explain the significance of such) and poor planning as reasons to KILL THIS MOTHERFUCKER. (Italics and caps mine)

And I'm not pissed that I have no clue what our midterm on Friday will contain. Nope. Not a fuckin' bit. Furthermore, you may be wondering what sparked this sudden tirade.

I'll tell you. The chemical engineering girl (Let's call her Ellie) and I can't make the regular OUT OF CLASS-TIME video showings which this ASSHOLE set up. So we asked him to make the video available at the library, a la every other instructor on campus. When we meet before Chinese (consuming precious vocabulary study time, I might add) we went to the library. They said (despite our telling the professor specifically to use this one) to go across campus (a daunting feat these days) to the other library. After roughly fifteen minutes of walking and bus-riding, we arrive to find that the library does NOT have the video, but they do have the book we already own, thank-you-very-much. So we decide to check out the douche-bag's office. He's not there, but while I go to the main office to inquire about our dilemna to some department heads or something. I return, frustrated, to find that Ellie is sitting with him in the office. Ok, cool, he's back; I can get some answers. It turns out that he meant he would put it on reserve in the library IF they owned a copy. Which doesn't really mean HE can reserve it, does it? Anyway, we're both a little edgy and to sate us, he tells Ellie she can grab his copy after class tomorrow, and we'll both have to watch it before Friday. Maybe Wednesday night, which I'm already using to go to a study group for my Japanese test because this fuck's class isn't the only one in which I have a damn midterm, the shithead.

Ok, I need to go cool down and memorize my vocab again. Have a g'night, all.

I am so angry. So very, very angry! He took my Thermal Discombobulator!

Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm Naked Cosby I Lights Things On Fire!

'Cuz I like to respond in an easy-to-find way, I reply to comments with subsequent posts. It's how I roll.

Kimby: Perhaps they do think so, but I don't believe I'll ever appreciate that mentality. I have resigned myself (and they should resign themselves) to me disgustedly shoving they's butts out mah FACE.

Tolbs: Hey, man, you ain't told me 'bout no blahgs biatch! And what's this netfirms bidness? Never heard nunna dat. Seriously, though, that'd be cool, but I gotta figure out how to get the whole spiel downloaded or something because the Acrylic PC is still power sourceless. I should probably have asked for one of those for my birthday... shit. Thanks for the offer, though. I'll try to get on the chatty thing tonight; we can discuss Christmas Up North.

SG: Whaddya think? He could be your class's pet or mascot or Generally Pesky And Oftentimes Lost Rodent. Blame Jeffy, in the back, the little shit.

Mankey: Long time no see, my Simian Sir! How's the Pooping Business? Fruitful as ever, I should hope. And the Boy? All's well, hmmm? Keep it stankey, mankey!

Sleepy G: Paintings are teh rock. I wonder if you can find it, too, 'cuz I wants to sees it! If you can't find it, just paint another! Or make it an ornament! I can see it now... first Pipi: The Ornament, then Pipi: The Breakfast Cereal and finally Pipi: The Tactical Nuclear Missile! It'll be glorious.

In other news, fuggin' school. Ya know? Fuggin'... shit and cockasses. They tell me, they say, "We want money," or something and I jus' wanna beat 'em. Beat 'em down. 'Cuz they don' know... they don't. Not. Not fuck about shit, those bastards. I oughta go down here and give 'em what for... for... for what? What was I sayin'? The shit... I gotta piss. Hol' on, I be righ' back... Fuggin'...It's those lousy termites, they're takin' all the jobs, er... the wood jobs... or jus' the wood, I dunno... it's fuck. Just fuck and shit. Gary Cooper.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Chocolate Starfish

I can relate to the cat butt, Kimby. Buddy, the sleek 'n sexy (and also cutest damn ever) black cat of the pair likes to sit (his) butt to (our) face. Why is that? Do cats just get a kick out of farting on us? I feel bad about tossing him off or moving him around when he looks comfortable, but I am NOT taking a shot to the face.

Maybe it's just me though?

Hanyway, studying for the Chinese now; trying to memorize various words like "towel" and "woolen sweater". Also "cowboy pants". Or "fastidious".

Mmyep. Oh, and speaking of knowing words, Beth got a little upset at me last night for saying the words Tim Gunn likes to use weren't that special. I thought he'd be using words like "inulcate" or "neoteric". Not borrowed words like "faux bois" or "Sturm and Drang".

He is hilarious, though. In other news,

Give Pipi noodles!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Learn Japanese In Your Recliner, Eating 'Tater Chips!

"Chu Chu Rocketto, nezumi wo tasukerou"
Mice Mice Rocket, let's help the mice/rats
"Chu Chu Rocketto, Neko wa kowai!"
Mice Mice Rocket, the cat is scary!
"Chu Chu Rocketto, rocketto sugoi!"
Mice Mice Rocketto, the rocket is superb!
Onomatopoeia for rocket blasting off.

Thanks for the question, Sleepy G! Glad to enlighten.

Hanyway, I'd make a real, concrete post, but new LOST IS ON IN THIRTEEN MINUTES, BITCHES! WOOOOOO! *whips shirt off and flails it over head* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


I'm exuberant!

Oh, since I like the idea of teaching random samplings of foreign languages, how's about some Daily Vocabularies? Ready? OK!

JP:: Hidzukehenkousen (Hee'dzoo'kay'hen'ko-'sen): International Date Line
CH:: Nei4 Ku4 (Nay[said with a falling intonation] Koo[said with a falling intonation])

Thursday, September 28, 2006

ChuChu Rocket!

More things you can learn as an Asian Languages major...

Sometimes I laugh so hard I scare the cats.

Which works in this scenario.

By Changing Language, Exemplify!

What follows is an essay which was originally written (by me) in Japanese. Babelfish's transpofornication software was used to severely fuck it into Ingelish. Enjoy.

Very much there is an admission examination in Japan. Because of that, with utmost effort not to study either high school admission examination, because there was no て, at the time of the Japanese university it is not difficult excessively in comparison with the American university. We do not like that system in me. It is in the high school student and the っ does Japan and the ょ け is the め being studied to say, but when being high school, when being pleasant, it should, is. Japan and America are hard school problem, but as for the Japanese system just a little you try as for probably not to be strange. "Because of university admission examination don't you think? it is good to change the color of the eye? "With it is said, but the student will study just admission examination normal class thing tries probably not to learn positively. Record writes and at the time of admission examination, positively we have done, but, after that it does and it is tend to go to bed in the ず. For example, that "it entered into three terms, it is it is, it became the scene. "With it was written. That umbrella it does, but it is the student. Perhaps the result, whether contents are learned truly, it is difficult to appraise. If as for my experience, study you know with just test, after the class information cannot be remembered excessively. Perhaps admission examination it passes, it gives the record which is good to the university. On the one hand, test it becomes skillful the contrast of the school, is not. As for the student there is no reason which is not learned at all, but when in admission examination preparing too much the assignment and lecture the ぐ it is to be, it probably is not to be understood. It is problem truly. The person who is felt the thought "in order as for high school to prepare the university, of calling to America thing" is many. If just the admission examination which enters into the university does not study and cannot go the て, there is no capability, high school has the purpose like opposite. But, when class becomes easy, does life probably become happy?

Isn't learning fun?